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What do we stand for?

We are Black Rainbow; a very small, but extremely motivated, company founded and owned by one pastel goth obsessed woman who saw a desperate need for more affordable options in the more unique style categories. We believe passionately that great bargains and excellent service deserve to go hand in hand, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both while continuously staying updated on current hot styles. We curate our options from all over the world, working tirelessly to find you a various selection of brands that are just as stunning as those big name brands, without the ridiculously inflated prices. Our shipping times are longer than typical to ensure we're getting you the absolute lowest cost and the biggest savings possible. For the goth on a budget who isn't looking to settle for a cheap costume, we hear you. 

We know you've spent countless hours searching site after site, trying to figure out if it's a scam or rip off, trying to make sure it isn't cheap badly put together materials.. we know that because that's what we did and that's why we formed Black Rainbow. Only after ordering numerous outfits and accessories from sites hoping to find those hidden gems that were actually both cheap AND good quality, did we realize that there's got to be someone out there willing to do all the digging, ordering samples, negotiating better pricing from manufacturers, checking quality and reading every single review, who is selling these same products without exploiting their customers by charging three times what they're paying but sadly, the option was nowhere to be found. 

That's when our founder decided that's exactly what she would do. Do all the research for you, check every customer review, order samples of everything to ensure it's not cheap costume materials, donate any items that were below our high quality standard, negotiate with every single manufacturer to ensure we have the lowest cost and actually pass the savings down to our customers instead of charging unreasonable prices for products that never touch our hands. We're not here trying to scam our customers, we're not stealing artist's work without their consent, we aim to be transparent and only want to provide the service we all wished we had found for ourselves. If you're looking for products you can trust to be both good quality and at prices that make sense, Black Rainbow is here to do the dirty work for you so our fellow budget-conscious goths and alternative fashion lovers can free up their time to live their best life.

You can be sure to keep up with all the new viral fashion trends as they rise to fame in the alternative fashion world with Black Rainbow to guide you along your unique path. We update our stock constantly to ensure we have options that are inclusively sized, LGBTQIA+ friendly and promote a culturally sensitive environment at all costs, as we do not tolerate discrimination in any form at Black Rainbow. Everyone should be welcome to dress their aesthetic without going broke. Stick with us as we grow, we're planning so many exciting things in our future, including a men's line and alternative household decor! Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about us, we can't wait to exceed your expectations.